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A boy decides to learn the language

A boy decides to learn the language of all animals.

Dad, there is a school where you can learn the language of animals.

Please, give me money to go there and study.

Fathers agree and give him money after a year, the son returns home and the father decides to test his skills.

Son, did you learn the language?

Yes father. Do you hear the cow mooing? She says that she is about to give you 10 litres of milk.

That’s impossible, this cow can give no more than a litre.

Dad milked the cow and it actually gave him 10 litres of milk.

Dad’s super confused but decided that it was a coincidence.

Do you hear that hen? She says that she is about to lay 5 eggs now that’s impossible, that hen has never laid any eggs before.

Dad still goes there and checks for the eggs and there actually are 5 eggs laid.

Dad is confused but starts to believe his son.

The second day son sees a donkey running away from his dad and hee-hawing.

Dad trying to pull up his trousers and chase the donkey and screaming to his son: Don’t trust this donkey, she’s lying, don’t believe it son.

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